Urgent Campaign: Contact the UN today!

Ask the President of the UN Security Council for April: What will the UN do about Afrin?

1. By sending an email to unsc@wfuna.org — copy and paste this message: “Hundreds of thousands of people are displaced and over 500 civilians have been killed due to the Turkish invasion and occupation of Afrin, Northern Syria. The invasion was not consistent with the UN charter and likely constitutes an act of aggression. Reports show that Turkey is attempting to change the demographic balance of the area by forcing local Kurds out of their homes and moving in refugees from other parts of Syria, as Erdogan theatened to do. Looting, violence against women, and violence against religious minorities have also been documented. All of this occured in violation of the most recent UN-backed ceasefire. What will the United Nations do to ensure that Afrin’s people can return to their homes, that all civilian victims receive justice, and that states and groups that participated in the occupation of Afrin are appropriately punished for their violations of international law?”

2. You can also fill out this form with the question and with your information. Click here to open the form.