If atrocities are not documented, the states and organizations that committed them will never face accountability for their crimes. These resources document and contextualize the invasion and occupation of Afrin and the resulting humanitarian crisis.

Afrin Before The War

Learn about the situation in Afrin between the establishment of its autonomous administration in 2012 and the beginning of the Turkish invasion.

The Turkish Invasion

Operation Olive Branch began on January 20th, 2018. Turkish forces and their proxy militias fully occupied the city on March 18th of that year.

The Occupation

Afrin has been under illegal occupation since March 18th, 2018. The occupying authorities continue to commit atrocities against the region’s remaining people.

Mass Displacement

The vast majority of Afrin’s residents were forced to flee their homes. Thousands of them still live in refugee camps in Shahba, a small and inaccessible region close to Afrin. The humanitarian situation in the camps is dire, as little aid can reach the area.

Voices of Afrin

Stand with Afrin is collecting the stories of displaced Afrin residents to show the world the true human cost of the invasion and occupation. Read them here.